An Englishman, an Italian, and an Asian Walk Into Bars

A few friends and I decided to get an early start on celebrating St. Patty’s last night by drinking at 7pm.  We started at Cantina, where I had, among other things, the Laughing Buddha, a drink peppered with ginger and serrano chiles and so spicy that I worried for my digestion.  I also enjoyed honey-infused vodka for the first time in the Bee’s Knees #3.  Here’s Cantina’s amazing drinks menu.

After Cantina, we wandered over to Gitane Restaurant and Bar, where we shared two flights of sherry, lamb tartare, Catalan flatbread, and calamares stuffed with bacon, onion, olives, and heirloom potatoes.  All very satisfactory to both me and my Italian friend’s highly refined palate.  I just wish there had been more of it all for what we paid.

Tonight, we’re pre-partying at my place and bar-hopping in North Beach.  I expect nothing less than a full-on hangover tomorrow.  Happy St. Patty’s!

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