Asian Activities

Here’s a list of “Asian” things O and I did while in Orange County:

– watched A Woman, a Gun, and a Noodle Shop and The Warlords both in their original Chinese

– ate dinner at Kaisen Kaiten, a sushi restaurant that serves the freshest salmon sashimi I’ve ever tasted

– ate massive numbers of pork dumplings from Peking Restaurant

– made dumpling sauce from scratch with two types of vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, scallions, and garlic

– talked about the amazing sushi and dumplings we’ve consumed in other locations

– talked about taking a trip to China together

– bitched about the strictness of our Chinese upbringing and compared it unfavorably to every other type of upbringing

Here’s a list of “un-Asian” or “white” things O and I did while in Orange County:

– drank enough alcohol to drown an entire Asian army

– drank at The Winery Restaurant and JT Schmid’s Restaurant and Brewery in Irvine

– watched Family Guy drunk, passed out, and woke up to professional boxing on TV

– had a fight about “being too sensitive” and “taking things personally”

– froze a fruit cocktail into slushie form then microwaved it until it was hot and drank it out of a bowl:

Pitcher of Death ——> Slushie of Death ——> Soup of Death

Considering that any real Asian would deem us Americanized/white-washed, it seems to me that O and I engaged in a disproportionate number of “Asian” activities over the last three days.  I blame it entirely on O, since left to my own devices I would’ve been content eating Cup Noodles and frozen pizzas all day long.

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One Response to Asian Activities

  1. I know you’d like to defend your maple-syrup drinking breathern up North who can’t even figure out how to win in the Olympics THEY host when they spend 9 months of the year playing Winter sports, but… let’s face it, the only thing Canada can do right is health care and a balanced immigration policy. That’s it!

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