6 Tidbits of Info

3 useful things I didn’t know until recently:

1.  You should floss before (instead of after) brushing your teeth to allow toothpaste and mouthwash to seep between your teeth and clean those areas optimally.  (source: dentist)

2.  When paying the bill at a restaurant or bar, calculate the tip using the pre-tax total, not the post-tax total.  The rationale is that tax should be considered distinct from service.  (source: investment banker)

3.  4 awesome deal-of-the-day websites: Groupon, Bloomspot, LivingSocial, Pinchit (source: Facebook)

3 useless things I didn’t know until recently:

1.  When dogs mate, the male dog’s penis is not erect (in the human sense) when it is inserted into the female dog’s vagina.  Instead, a small bone inside the penis called the baculum holds it rigid enough to be inserted.  The penis fills with blood only after it is inside the vagina and the male dog begins thrusting.  (source: Wikipedia)

2.  Elizabeth Taylor, who died two days ago, had seven husbands and married eight times (she married Richard Burton twice).  (source: Wikipedia)

3.  “Flack” and “flak” mean very different things, though sometimes they can be used interchangeably.  This one is embarrassing for me because I was an English major in college.  (source: Dictionary.com)

Flack (noun or verb)

  1. press agent (noun)
  2. publicity (noun)
  3. to serve as a press agent or publicist: to flack for a newrock group (verb used without object)
  4. to promote; publicize: to flack a new record (verb used with object)

Flak (noun)

  1. antiaircraft fire, especially as experienced by the crews of combat airplanes at which the fire is directed.
  2. criticism; hostile reaction; abuse: Such an unpopular decision is bound to draw a lot of flak from the press.

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