Contemporary Chinese Erotic Art by Yi Yang

While Chinese art has traditionally had no trouble portraying heterosexual intercourse and even homosexual intercourse between men, it has largely avoided depicting female sexuality in isolation.  This is undoubtedly due to a long patriarchal history that condones female eroticism only within the context of male oversight.  In present-day China, this patriarchalism is manifest in the prevailing notion that unmarried women over the age of 30 are considered spinsters or “leftover.”

Yi Yang, a 29-year-old Beijing-based artist, subverts socio-aesthetic tradition with her female-centric erotic oil paintings, which feature female masturbation and genitalia in bold, luscious, primary colors.  She hopes that her vibrant vaginas will inspire her fellow countrywomen to celebrate their bodies and sexuality.  “We Chinese have been suppressed by conservatism for thousands of years,” she wrote in her blog.  “If we keep turning pale at the mere mention of ‘sex’ and avoiding subjects of ‘sex,’ it is anti-human and non-human thinking.”

Some links to Yi Yang’s work:

Yi Yang in Beijing Today

Yi Yang in Ministry of Tofu

Yi Yang in Punjapit

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