March 30, 2011 Dream: Supernatural Murderess

People I knew were disappearing or getting slaughtered one by one.  The killings and kidnappings happened every few days without warning.  Some friends and I were standing in my kitchen discussing this problem when a girl emerged from a blank wall, sliced a guy with a samurai sword, and merged back into the wall.  I recognized her immediately as a nice girl I had met when I was living in my first place in San Francisco.  The next night, she stepped out from the dishwasher, stabbed another guy to death, and melded back into the dishwasher door.  This clearly meant that we had to stay away from all hard surfaces, so the remaining four of us held hands and cowered in bed.  We were too scared to get food or go to the bathroom.  The girl left us alone but targeted other people.  We heard about her murders from friends who came to visit us.  Through willpower and intense hand-holding, we managed to keep her away from us for weeks.  But we knew she would be back.

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Intolerant, elitist, and awesome.
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