5 Things Italians and Chinese Have in Common

Most people probably wouldn’t put Italy and China in the same cultural basket, but after years of observing people from both countries, I’ve noticed some unexpected similarities:

  1. Celebration of eating—food is meant to be enjoyed in large quantities with large quantities of family and friends.  You will never find an Italian or Chinese with an eating disorder.
  2. Relative lack of obesity compared to the US—if you go to Italy or China, you will not see fat people, probably because they’re locked up.
  3. Explosive tempers—and with it, a penchant for loud, endless arguing.
  4. Covert but underlying misogyny—women are allowed to have jobs but not allowed to be unattractive, overweight, or, if unmarried, over age 30.
  5. Kids live with their parents until they’re like 40—there is no reason to cook, clean, or do your own laundry when your mother happily does it all for you.

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