It’s All Shampoo to Me

Last November, the Boyfriend bought a bottle of what we both assumed was Paul Mitchell shampoo, which I proceeded to use as such.  I washed my hair every other day using both the shampoo and a Redken conditioner.  Two months later, the bottles ran out, and the Boyfriend made another Target trip.  I wanted to try a different shampoo this time because I didn’t like how greasy the Paul Mitchell product made my hair feel no matter how much I scrubbed.  To figure out what not to buy, I picked up the Paul Mitchell bottle, read the label for the first time, and came to the jarring realization that I had been rubbing conditioner into my scalp for two months.

If Paul Mitchell can hoodwink me into using conditioner as shampoo, it clearly demonstrates that at the end of the day/month/year, it doesn’t matter what the hell you put in your hair.

And on that note, happy April Fools’.

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Intolerant, elitist, and awesome.
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