Oyster Shucking Reveals International Sociology

The last time I shucked oysters, I went with J (a white American girl), R (an Italian guy), two of R’s girl friends from Italy, C (a Chinese girl who grew up in Australia), C’s guy friend from college, and the Boyfriend.  The oysters were fresh and delicious, and we had a great time shucking, drinking, and eating.  I kept loose track of who did what, and this is what I noticed:

  1. The Italian girls waited for the guys to shuck the oysters before eating them politely.
  2. The Chinese-American/Australian girls shucked their own oysters and ate them.
  3. The white American girl shucked and did not eat because she didn’t like the taste of oysters.

This translates into the following sociological conclusions:

  1. Italian women expect men to do all manual labor.
  2. Chinese women will do anything if there is food involved.
  3. White American women like to do things purely for “the experience.”

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