April 3, 2011 PostSecret Favorite: Regretting Perfection

PostSecret is a weekly blog featuring homemade postcards portraying people’s secrets.  The postcards are mailed anonymously, and the secrets range from cute and funny to pathetic and heartbreaking.  I stumbled across PostSecret in 2005 and became hopelessly addicted.  To commemorate my six-year anniversary of PostSecret addiction and because some secrets are too awesome, crazy, or stupid to be forgotten, I am going to pick my favorite secret from the blog each Sunday and share my thoughts on it.

This week’s favorite: Regretting Perfection

You know, I’ve always regretted not shooting more heroin, having more condom-less sex with homeless people, or maxing out more credit cards than I could have.  Because I didn’t make any of these mistakes, I simply haven’t realized the consequences of drug addition, HIV, or bankruptcy.  I don’t even know what those words mean.  The valuable life lessons gleaned from being a complete dumbass will always be lost on me, and the pain of irresponsibility is something that I crave but can never experience.  I will always be an incomplete person burdened by my perfection.  I don’t know if I can take this anymore.

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