2004 Dream: Surreal Arm Wound

I had this dream probably in 2004 after visiting the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

My left forearm had been slashed wrist-to-elbow then stitched up.  I was worried because the stitches were coming apart, so I held the wound shut. Something distracted me for a moment, and I let go of my arm. When I looked at it again, I saw that the gash had opened completely, revealing not blood and bone but a pocket watch, playing cards, dollar bills*, and ladybugs shaded by sparse blades of grass.

I was then able to enter the wound physically and see the objects from the vantage of a small, ladybug-sized insect.  The grass towered above me while I skirted the pocket watch and avoided running into the other bugs.

* There were also several dollar bills lying flat on the “floor” of the wound that I remembered after completing the illustration above.  I won’t add them now because I don’t have the patience.

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One Response to 2004 Dream: Surreal Arm Wound

  1. Jonathan van Belle says:

    “…a pocket watch, playing cards, dollar bills, and ladybugs shaded by sparse blades of grass,” said the White Rabbit.

    I once had a dream. Just that one time. Now I’ve forgotten it. I think I was eleven years old, or perhaps older. Well, I remember it partially: I was lying in bed, the lights were off, and I just stared at the ceiling for about eight hours. It was very surreal.

    (I want to add: And then my uncle Howard crept in…)

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