Shanghai’s Marriage Market

Because it is physically impossible for Chinese parents not to meddle in their children’s lives, they have, in recent years, taken the business of matchmaking to the mass level, and Shanghai’s “Marriage Market” is the result.  Each weekend, thousands of aging baby boomers gather in People’s Square in Shanghai to place ads and spouse-hunt for their children.  The ads consist of paper fliers listing the offsprings’ desirable qualities and vital statistics, which invariably include height, education, income, and apartment ownership.  Parents mingle with other parents, and, if there is mutual affinity, arrange dates for their respective children, often without their knowledge or consent.

parents perusing ads in People’s Square


male seeking female ad translation:

Born in 1980, height: 1.80 meters
Bachelor’s degree from top university
Working in US company (top 500)
Good personality and appearance, has own house for marriage
Both parents are senior intellectuals
Parents are on site
Cellphone: 18939827331
Requirements for female:
Born after 1983
Height should be 1.65 – 1.70 meters
Bachelor’s degree from formal university
Good morality and health
Traditional and from a good family


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