April 6, 2011 Boyfriend Malapropisms: Vinter and Eric O’Bana

The Boyfriend loves to argue with me when he misspells or mispronounces words and names.  I keep an updated record of his lexical faux pas.

At the April 6, 2011 Silicon Valley Caltech/MIT alumni mixer:

Boyfriend: Groupon and all the other discount sites have awesome deals.  I check them out every day.

Several Caltech alumni: Yeah?  Like what?  Do they have booze deals?

Boyfriend: Totally.  The other day I found this 50 percent off coupon for a vinter in San Francisco.

Later, at home:

Boyfriend: I already know what’s going to happen in that Hanna movie.  Hanna’s going to kill Eric O’Bana and discover that Cate Blanchett is her mom.

Me: giggle

Boyfriend: It’s Cate Blanchett, right?

Me: No, it’s not that.

Boyfriend: But it is Eric O’Bana.

Me: No.

Boyfriend: Tim O’Bana?  Conor O’Bana?

Me: No.  It’s Eric Bana.

Boyfriend: What? Why?

Me:  Because that’s his name.

Boyfriend: It should be Eric O’Bana.  Barack Obama isn’t Barack Bama.  He’s Barack O’Bama.

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