Dinner at The Slanted Door

Last Saturday, after our marathon oyster eating session and a nap, the Boyfriend and I had dinner at The Slanted Door with my friend D and his new girlfriend, HJ, who had flown in from Atlanta earlier in the day.  D and HJ had been dating for about a month, and the Boyfriend and I were meeting HJ for the first time.

I picked the Slanted Door for its good Yelp reputation and because D wanted to eat at an Asian or Asian fusion place.  D and HJ ordered spring rolls, caramelized shrimp with garlic and onions, and jasmine rice, which all tasted ok but didn’t merit the extravagant prices.  I have bought spring rolls that tasted just as good from cheap Vietnamese food kiosks in Berkeley, and my mother makes the exact same shrimp dish at home for a fraction of the cost.  D also ordered the shaking beef with cubed filet mignon that he did not share with the group.  The Boyfriend’s selections were tastier; he ordered the pan-seared scallops with spinach and the only soup on the menu, which contained shrimp, pineapple, bean sprouts, tamarind, and roasted garlic.  My dinner was far tastier than everyone else’s.  For my appetizer, I had a thinly sliced scallop with caviar served on the shell, and for my entrée, I had an astoundingly delicious lamb shank braised in a mint and cardoon sauce that I drank from the plate.

For dessert, D and HJ shared a forgettable vanilla crème brulee, the Boyfriend ate beignets dipped in mascarpone, and I had the Confectioner’s Plate, which featured a giant mound of pineapple cotton candy.  I’d never tried such exotic cotton candy before, but I think I still prefer the original flavor.

The menu contained both Asian and Western selections, but I didn’t see any specifically Asian fusion dishes.  For future reference, if I’m looking for food that combines Asian and Western cookery in one serving, I’d be better off going to The House.

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