April 13, 2011 Ivy Plus Society Event

Some friends (A, C, and D) and I went to the San Francisco Ivy Plus Society networking event at Bubble Lounge last night.  I’ve been attending these things regularly for the past year for purely recreational/alcoholic purposes, and they’re always fun.  I enjoyed last night’s party especially because Bubble Lounge is one of my favorite places in the world and because people seemed more sociable than usual.

Here are the highlights from last night’s party:

1. We made a new friend, DL, who turned out to be a fellow Berkeley grad.  He introduced himself when I was waiting for A to buy drinks.  We exchanged some basic information and small talk, and I learned that he is working full-time at Paypal and taking computer science classes through Stanford.  I was dubious about how cool he’d be, but throughout the evening, he kept hanging around us making funny commentary, and by the end of the night, we thought he was pretty cool.  He even gave me a ride home.  I told him he had a pretty car, and he asked if women consider men with nice cars more attractive.  I told him that nice cars are akin to good looks–it never hurts to have them, but they can’t save you if you suck in every other respect.

2. I ate Bubble Lounge’s duck meatballs, and they were delicious.

3. A and I were harassed by creepy men.  Creepy Brown Guy* did his hovering thing while I talked to my friends.  Later on, a Stanford guy went up to A, pinched her ribs repeatedly, and offered to take her to New York on his jet.

* Last year, I met a creepy old dude at an Ivy Plus party with offensive amounts of facial/body hair who hugged me endlessly and commanded me to suck his nipple.  (To be fair, I was dressed up as a baby, bib and bow and all, but still.)  He then proceeded to hover around me for the rest of the evening while my friends and I collectively ignored him.  We refer to him as Creepy Brown Guy because he went to Brown.

4. I succeeded in roping my married friend A into having a good time.  She’s very selective about who she hangs out with and fully expected people at the party to be stuffy and boring.  After heavy socializing and a few glasses of wine, she proclaimed that she wanted “excitement,” defined by walking up to an attractive man and telling him that he’s hot.  We toured the lounge in search of attractive men, and she settled on a scruffy Harvard guy who seemed flattered by her attention.  They proceeded to flirt openly.  In the process, we met Harvard guy’s friends, an Arab from UPenn, and another Arab who did not disclose his alma mater.

5. We had ourselves a little Ivy Plus after-party.  When Bubble Lounge kicked us out, A, D, Harvard guy, the two Arabs, and I walked to nearby Cigar Bar, where we shared cigars and more drinks until D, DL, and I decided to go home.  I was hungry and a little disappointed that their kitchen was closed.  When we left, A was still talking with Harvard guy and the Arabs.  She later told me they were very entertaining and thanked me for dragging her out of the house.

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