Dinner From The House

A few weekends ago, the Boyfriend and I ordered dinner from The House, a small, swanky Asian fusion restaurant close to our apartment.  We’d eaten there once before and liked their menu because it was a) tasty and b) distinct from the American, French, and Italian cuisine we usually have when we go out.

I had a hankering for teriyaki sauce, so I was adamant about getting the roasted unagi with avocado sushi rice for my appetizer.  For my entrée, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with an angus ribeye steak covered in teriyaki and garlic butter.  The Boyfriend, who had the perspicacity to ask about the dinner specials, ordered the Caesar salad with crispy scallops for his appetizer and a kobe steak with udon noodles and mashed potatoes that was not mentioned on the menu.  (Note: when ordering from The House, remember to ask about the specials, as there will probably be several good ones on any given night that are not indicated on the menu.)

The scallops and unagi were great, but the steaks fell far short of expectations.  For starters, they got cold on the walk between the restaurant and our apartment, and I was too hungry to wait for the three minutes it would have taken to heat them up.  The walk home had also jostled the sauce off the meat; the sauce had collected in the corners of the take-out boxes and refused to re-connect with the steak.  When I finally started eating, I discovered that my angus was semi-tough and veined with sinewy fat.  I tested every part of the cut and spat out every other piece I chewed.  The Boyfriend’s kobe was only marginally better in terms of fat content, and he ended up sharing it with me.  All in all, our steaks were sub-par by any decent restaurant’s standards, and considering what we paid for them, we felt gypped.  I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be avoiding steaks from The House from now on.

In spite of our bad experience with the steak, I would still recommend eating at The House as they have some unique, tasty stuff that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

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