April 24, 2011 PostSecret Favorite: No More Procreation Anxiety

PostSecret is a weekly blog featuring homemade postcards portraying people’s secrets.  The postcards are mailed anonymously, and the secrets range from cute and funny to pathetic and heartbreaking.  I stumbled across PostSecret in 2005 and became hopelessly addicted.  To commemorate my six-year anniversary of PostSecret addiction and because some secrets are too awesome, crazy, or stupid to be forgotten, I am going to pick my favorite secret from the blog each Sunday and share my thoughts on it.

This week’s favorite: No More Procreation Anxiety

I feel relieved for this person.  Maybe I’m young and ignorant, but I don’t think reproduction, for most people, should be a default, because most people, whether they like it or not, suck at bearing and raising children.  I base my conclusion on the preponderance of homeless/under-educated/clinically retarded/handicapped/boring/obese/ugly/unbathed/unshaven/poorly dressed/anorexic/depressed/hypocritically feministic/righteously vegetarian/hipster people that surround me every day in the glorious, progressive, 21st-century metropolis of San Francisco.  Maybe it’s just me, but looking at these people saps my faith in the human race and fills me with a desire for genocide.

Or maybe I should just get out of San Francisco.

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Intolerant, elitist, and awesome.
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2 Responses to April 24, 2011 PostSecret Favorite: No More Procreation Anxiety

  1. Jonathan van Belle says:

    I’ve grown fond of the acronym R.W.I.P., “Rest in World Peace.” I thought the film Children of Men (insert underline) was inspirational, except for the baby parts. I second all of your misanthropic views.

    “An oasis of horror in a desert of boredom.” — Baudelaire

  2. Edwin Kite says:

    Be in Finland! In Finland, men who do not want children have vasectomies. They suffer mild pain when riding narrow bicycles for long periods, but are otherwise happy with their choice.

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