Afternoon in Hayes Valley

The weather was tolerable in San Francisco last Saturday, so the Boyfriend and I went clothes shopping in Hayes Valley.  I don’t usually hang out in Hayes Valley because I can only handle so many hipsters and hippies at once, but some of the stores are worth checking out once in a while.  We ate lunch at Momi Toby’s Revolution Cafe and Art Bar because they had sangria (which turned out to have no discernible alcohol content) and outdoor seating (which we didn’t end up getting).  The Boyfriend had a potato leek soup, and we each had a tuna melt.  Both the soup and the sandwiches were decent, though the tuna melts tasted tangier than the ones we’d had before, and we couldn’t figure out why.

We stopped by Cary Lane first, where the Boyfriend bought two T-shirts, one pink-orange and one dark blue-green, and I bought two rhinestone animal rings for $12 each.

Next we went to Nomads, one of the Boyfriend’s favorite stores, where I had to put up with the sight of the salesgirl’s dreadlocks while the Boyfriend bought this Fred Perry shirt.

We then browsed other Hayes Valley shops, notably Lava 9, a women’s accessories boutique, where I tried on a swanky $350 leather jacket my boobs were too big for, and Flight 001, a travel products store that sold something called “drying lotion” for the face and other weird, useless paraphernalia.

We wrapped up our shopping spree with a trip to Costco, where the demographic was unabashedly not hipster, included lots of poor people and minorities, and filled me with a slightly different desire for genocide.  We bought gummy vitamins, toilet paper, lobster pasta, marinated tilapia, bread, bottled water, and orange juice in bulk and went home, whereupon I passed out from the sheer fatigue of socioeconomic disdain.

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