Woman Versus Midget in Wheelchair

I saw some shit go down yesterday between a woman and a midget in a wheelchair.  (No, not like that.  Put your pants back on.  They were both female–wait, that doesn’t help.)  Anyway, I was walking down a street in a respectable San Francisco neighborhood after buying some bath sponges from Walgreens and saw this woman hurrying down the street in front of me.  She turned a corner and slammed straight into a midget in a wheelchair, who also seemed to be “hurrying” somewhere.  It must’ve been a moderately hard collision because the woman fell down and scraped her leg.  She got up and started speaking to the midget.  No big deal, I thought.  They exchanged more words I didn’t hear because I had my headphones in, and before I realized there was any conflict, the woman smacked the wheelchair midget in the head and kept walking.

Now I usually despise handicapped people by default.  I simply have no sympathy for the deformed.  But this woman was so much bigger than the wheelchair midget, and she wasn’t in a wheelchair.  I don’t know what the midget said to her, but I hope it was worth the pain of a hard slap on the head.  On top of it, I had to pass the midget right after she got smacked, and I wasn’t sure what to do.  I figured that she, like anybody else, just wanted me to mind my own business, so I kept walking.  But that was just awkward.

And on that note, I hope everyone had a good Cinco de Mayo, even though I care about Mexicans as much as I care about cripples.

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4 Responses to Woman Versus Midget in Wheelchair

  1. Rafael says:

    Good Lord… lol.

  2. Jonathan van Belle says:

    “On top of it, I had to pass the midget right after she got smacked, and I wasn’t sure what to do.”

    I would have unleashed the cruel chuckle: “Muhahaha!”
    And then, perhaps, a follow-up piece of advice: “Let that be a lesson.”

    • awesomebitch says:

      That plan did actually cross my mind, but I was afraid it would prompt the midget to say whatever she’d said to the woman, which would’ve prompted me to slap her too. And I don’t like touching deformity.

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