The Shit That Goes Down in San Francisco

Perhaps 50 feet away from the woman versus wheelchair midget incident, I encountered these artifacts of human failure on the sidewalk:

Right before photographing above artifacts, I had to dodge past a homeless he/she hippie with dreadlocks who looked kind of like a dude but wore a layered purple jersey dress.  Now I don’t object to cross-dressing if it looks good, but this creature wore a filthy, over-sized denim jacket over the dress, and his/her feet were completely black from dirt.

And just a few minutes before that, I passed a hairy, homeless-looking dude in dirty clothes, instinctively held my breath, and looked away.  To my mild surprise, he didn’t petition me for spare change or holler at my breasts.  Annoyed that I’d had to alter my breathing pattern, I walked on.  About ten minutes later, during the last leg of my walk home, I spotted a woman with a huge dog standing by a bush.  Because I had already seen my share of dog shit for the day, I crossed to the other side of the street only to encounter a homeless man whose body odor propelled me back to where I came from–just in time to see the dog taking a leak.

Perhaps I’m intolerant and fascist, but I really don’t think that I should have to put up with these sorts of inconveniences whenever I go to Walgreens.  Thanks a lot, San Francisco, for making what should be a quick, pleasant errand a big, fucking pain in the ass.

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2 Responses to The Shit That Goes Down in San Francisco

  1. nando says:

    I saw a homeless and drunk lady carrying a chicken on my bike ride through the Tenderloin today.

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