Why Girls are Sluts and Guys are Studs (According to Tucker Max)

I discovered Tucker Max recently and think he’s great.  I’m currently reading his second book, Assholes Finish First.  In the book, one of his friends offers an explanation for the double standard between men and women regarding sexual promiscuity.  It’s one the most awesome things I’ve ever read:

“If a key opens lots of locks, then it’s a master key.  But if a lock is opened by lots of keys, then it’s a shitty lock.” (Max 76)

For those of you unfamiliar with Tucker Max, he’s a blogger and author, and his persona is pure, unmitigated asshole.  His books and blog, rife with frat boy humor and unapologetic misogyny, detail his drunken sexual escapades.  While his humor and writing style are not sophisticated, and his spelling, at times, requires a little editing, his stories are endlessly entertaining.  Reading his stuff reassures me that hipsters and stupid people have not completely taken over the Western world and that there exists another blogger who is as insensitive and intolerant as I am.  And that makes me very happy.

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4 Responses to Why Girls are Sluts and Guys are Studs (According to Tucker Max)

  1. burbling englishman says:

    But why are men like keys and women like locks? Seems like it’s not an explanation, just a restatement …

  2. awesomebitch says:

    Dude, it’s Tucker Max, not Shakespeare.

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  4. McLovin says:

    Man, you get close to the answer… But what do you think about this:

    I know it’s freaking long… But I just had too much to say on the subject. In summary I guess that sluts cannot really show any value to any guys afterwards… and that is the main problem…

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