Bay to Breakers 2011 Grape Costume

Bay to Breakers this year was every bit the massive shit show I expected and wanted.  I woke up at 7:30am, got into my grape costume, and met up with my friend DL and some of his friends near the starting area, where I began drinking copiously.  We walked through SOMA and Hayes Valley, peed in Alamo Square (where I met up with my friend D, who dressed up as a priest), and gorged on fries and chicken nuggets at Popeyes like the drunks that we were.  I got tired when we reached the Panhandle, so D and I walked all the way back to Civic Center, stopping at Fly Bar for wine on the way.  It took me about six hours to sleep off the booze when I got home.

Anyway, that’s all irrelevant.  What is relevant is my awesome grape costume that the Boyfriend helped me make.  We blew up about 40 balloons and attached them to a shirt via safety pins.  To simulate grape leaves, I pinned pieces of a green feather boa to my hair.  I planned on painting my face purple but was afraid that the rain would wash it off.  Here’s what it all looked like:

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