Dinner from Food Inc. Trattoria

We ordered dinner from Food Inc. Trattoria several weeks ago using a $10 for $20 worth of food coupon from Groupon.  Advertised as a Mediterranean restaurant with “reasonable prices,” Food Inc. offered a range of close to 100 platters, salads, and breakfasts (both Mediterranean- and internationally-inspired), all for under $10 each.  We ordered the Salad Caprese, the Moroccan Chicken, the Warm Chevre Salad, and a Pesto Pizza.

I’m kind of a sucker for food presentation, so for me, food never tastes as good from a box as from a plate.  That said, our food was decent in spite of its unimpressive arrangement.  My favorite dish by far was the Warm Chevre Salad.  As advertised, the cheese was warm and just the right amount of moist, and the pears and toasted pecans were as good as pears and pecans could be.

My Salad Caprese was so-so.  I am not a tomato fan, so I get salad caprese purely for the mozzarella.  Unfortunately for me, this particular Salad Caprese had an unusually high tomato to mozarella ratio.  There was so much tomato that even the Boyfriend, who loves tomatoes, couldn’t eat it all.

The Moroccan Chicken fell into the pretty good-to-ok range.  I especially liked mixing the couscous and tomato chunks in the mint yogurt; this combination was by far the best part of the dish.  The chicken I did not enjoy as much.  It had a flavorful seasoning but was a little too dry on the inside and little too oily on the outside.  Maybe this is how Moroccan chicken is supposed to be.

I didn’t eat much of the Pesto Pizza, but judging by the one bite I had and the fact that the Boyfriend ate the rest quickly and without complaint, it seemed decent.

Since our dinner from Food Inc. was good but not spectacular, I probably wouldn’t order from them again, though I would want to eat at the restaurant to see how much better things would taste when backed up by good presentation.

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