Stuart Lowe’s Optometry Office

I went to Stuart Lowe’s optometry office in San Francisco last week for my eye exam.  I hadn’t had one in over a year and picked his office because it had awesome Yelp reviews and was walking distance from my apartment.

The receptionist lady (who I think is Stuart’s wife) was friendly, professional, and had this air of competence that I liked.  I had an insurance provider most places in California are unfamiliar with, and she was very efficient about calling the provider, processing what they told her, and explaining my policy to me.

Stuart the optometrist was nice, conversational, and thorough.  He conducted the standard eye exam for contacts and glasses (including pupil dilation) while chatting with me about his kids.  I’d had some light sensitivity problems for a while and brought them up, so he looked at my eyes more closely and gave some possible explanations.  He also mentioned that my current contacts were of an antiquated design and gave me new contacts (Acuvue) to try.  They’re supposed to allow my eyes to breathe better and cause less irritation.  The office is supposed to call me this week to see if I like them, so we’ll see how it goes.

The cost for my exam was $111 before insurance, which I think is pretty standard.  I also went next door after my exam and had my glasses frames adjusted by a friendly optician.

For those of you who are looking for an optometrist in San Francisco, I would recommend giving Stuart Lowe’s office a call, as they are currently taking new patients and seem to be good at what they do.

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