Uncooperative Gynecological Hormones

I’m currently taking Levora for birth control and have taken it consistently for the past five years.  Levora is supposed to be a 28-day pill that allows you to get your period once a month.  A couple weeks ago, I asked the staff at Planned Parenthood about different birth control pills, as I was interested in brands (such as Seasonique) that would allow me to get my period once every three months versus once a month, as I currently do.  I was told by several Planned Parenthood staff that I could simply take my Levora pills nonstop for three months and stop for a week whenever I felt like getting my period.

I’ve done as told and am currently two weeks past the time I was supposed to get my last period.  I’ve had a fair amount of spotting for at least a week, and earlier today, my vagina decided to dispense with the bullshit and proceed to full period mode.  Clearly, Levora is not my Seasonique.  I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem.

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One Response to Uncooperative Gynecological Hormones

  1. Tom G says:

    Check out the birth control megathread in the SomethingAwful forums. If this question hasn’t already been addressed, I’m sure you can ask it and get an answer.

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