Washington Square Park Dental

I went to Washington Square Park Dental last week for a general exam and cleaning and had a very satisfying experience.

Before I write about anything else, I have to mention that they have flat screen TVs on the ceiling above every chair solely for the patients’ benefit.  One flat screen TV for each patient!  They scored so many points in my book for that right off the bat.  They even gave me high-quality headphones so the hygienists and dentist wouldn’t bother me while they did their thing (and vice versa).  I ended up watching one and a half Family Guy episodes during my cleaning.  Why more dental offices do not offer this feature is beyond me.

The receptionists, hygienists, and dentist were friendly, efficient, and thorough.  Even though I was a new patient, they made me feel like a long-time customer as soon as I walked in.  One hygienist took the X-rays, another one did the tooth probings and cleaning, then the dentist came in, pulled my X-rays up on the flat screen, and led me through a mini-presentation of my dental condition.  This was very cool and educational.

The real reason for my appointment was that I’d had a mysterious growth behind one of my upper molars for a few months.  It was tiny but very hard and showed no sign of going away, so I mentioned this to the dentist.  She looked at it, determined that it was a bone or tooth fragment, and pulled it out with tweezers, just like that.  It didn’t hurt, as the bone/tooth thing wasn’t deeply embedded.  After she took it out, we looked at it some more, and she figured that it was probably a piece of tooth left over from my wisdom teeth extraction seven years ago.  That was crazy.

So, I highly recommend Washington Square Park Dental if you’re looking for an awesome dentist in San Francisco.  Check out their Yelp reviews to read more about how awesome they are.

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