Dinner From Sushi Hunter

We ordered dinner from Sushi Hunter last Friday.  It’s our go-to sushi place because it’s close to our apartment, decently priced, and makes deliveries.  Oh, and they serve good sushi.  They also have an in-house all you can eat menu for $25 per person, which I have taken advantage of several times.

We ordered two miso soups, the Large Sashimi Plate, two pieces of ikura (my favorite type of sushi, eclipsed in my estimation only by mackerel), the Spicy Scallop Roll (spicy tuna and cucumber), and the Spicy Tataki (spicy tuna and cucumber topped with seared white tuna and garlic).  The Large Sashimi Plate contains 25 pieces and costs $33, which is the best deal we’ve ever found and the main reason we get it every time.  The only drawback is that you can’t request specific types of fish, so if you’re really picky, you’re probably better off ordering individual sashimis.

Per usual, everything tasted good.  The salmon sashimi could always be fresher, and there could always be more mackerel in the sashimi plate (this time we got none), but at the end of day, sushi of any kind makes me happy.

Per not usual, they were late in delivering our meal.  They told us it would take 45 minutes, but we waited for an hour, and when I called them, they told me that we had to wait an additional 10 minutes because they were understaffed.  As apology, they gave us a 10-ounce bottle of nigori (cloudy) sake, which I mixed with orange juice and which more than compensated for the extra wait.

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