May 29, 2011 Boyfriend Malapropism: Meringue

The Boyfriend loves to argue with me when he misspells or mispronounces words and names.  I keep an updated record of his lexical faux pas.

Dinner at Bin 38:

me (pointing at menu): I’m going to get the lamb.  There’s loin, merguez, and lamb bacon.  Any idea what merguez is?

Boyfriend (looking at menu): Yeah.  It’s a sausage, I think.

The waiter takes our orders and comes back a few minutes later with our food.

Boyfriend (points at my plate): See, there’s your loin, meringue, and bacon.  And you have your artichokes and potatoes and–

me: You just called the merguez “meringue.”

Boyfriend: Yes.

me: Do you have no respect at all for words?

Boyfriend: Of course not.

me (takes a few seconds to digest Boyfriend’s response): The worst part is you didn’t even pause before saying “meringue” as if you weren’t sure if it was the right word.  You didn’t even think about it–like, it just happened.  Just like that.

Boyfriend: I say what I want!

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One Response to May 29, 2011 Boyfriend Malapropism: Meringue

  1. Jonathan van Belle says:

    Ego Sum Rex Romanus Et Supra Grammaticam!

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