May 27, 2011 Boyfriend Malapropism: Great-Grandparents

The Boyfriend took an hour out of his busy life of lying around in bed last week to make a digital version of the Real Housewives of New Jersey family trees.  For this I am eternally grateful.  What I am less grateful for is the painful process by which I guided him to type out “great-grandmother” on one of the family trees.  I know this isn’t technically a malapropism, but being a supportive, modest person, I can never resist an opportunity to flout my orthographic and intellectual superiority.  Plus, I think the sheer inanity of the process alone makes it worth relating.

Last Friday night: 

Boyfriend (pointing at screen): You want this box here to say “Great-Grandmother”?

me: Yeah.  (watches Boyfriend type)  But there’s a hyphen between “great” and “grandmother.”

Boyfriend: Really?

me: Yes.

Boyfriend (adds hyphen): Whatever. keeps typing

me: Ok.  Now, there’s no space between “grand” and “mother.”

Boyfriend: What do you mean?

me: “Grandmother” is one word.

Boyfriend: Are you sure?

me: Yes.

Boyfriend: Ok. keeps typing

me: Now you need to go back.  You don’t capitalize the “m” in “grandmother.”  Because it’s all one word.

Boyfriend (looks irritated): Right.

me: But you do need to capitalize the “g” in “Grandmother.”

Boyfriend (looks more irritated): Ok. (keeps typing) Now “Great-Grandmother” won’t fit in the box.  (plays around with box size and spelling)

me: No.  Don’t do that.  Can we just make the box bigger?

Boyfriend: Naw.  It doesn’t look good.  How about we change it to “Great-Grandma”?

me: Yeah, that’s fine.  (sighs in relief as if after a long journey)

Boyfriend: Now we need to do the same thing for the “Great-Grandpa” box.

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