Haircuts at Grasshopper Salon

I had my thrice-yearly haircut at Grasshopper Salon a couple weeks ago.  I’ve been meaning to write about how great they are for a while, as I’ve been going there to get my hair done for the past two years.

I first heard of Grasshopper Salon through a girl in some of my creative writing classes in college.  She had long, wavy black hair that seemed to move on its own.  She’d fluff her hair once in a while, and I’d watch the sleek, luscious layers cascade around her face and down her back.  It was fascinating.  It also helped that she was gorgeous.  I spent a good deal of class time that year gawking discreetly at her diamond-blue eyes framed by barely-there eyeliner, her small, perky, and often bra-less breasts, and, of course, her beautiful, beautiful hair.  And I’m not even homosexual.

One day, I finally asked her where she got her hair cut, and within a week, I found myself at Grasshopper enjoying a shampoo and head massage from Raquel.

Disclaimer: the next few paragraphs will sound like an infomercial.  I do not apologize.

Raquel is a hair goddess and hands down the best hair stylist I have ever had.  I attribute probably a third of my current good looks to her.  She’s not cheap; she charges $75 a haircut, but you can be sure the haircut will be legit.  Plus, the salon offers a complimentary touch-up trim between haircuts, so you’re really paying $75 for one and a half haircuts.

I had standard medium-long hair with minimal layers at the time, which meant that from the back, I looked like every other Asian girl in the world.  Raquel changed that by giving me a complete haircut makeover.  She took note of my naturally wavy, slightly coarse hair and added some intense layers that brought out my waves.  In the course of one haircut, I went from looking like just another Asian girl with straight hair to an Asian girl with a wavy perm.  Raquel topped it all off with some Bed Head mousse wax that held the waves intact.

That said, I didn’t appreciate the haircut completely for about a week because I thought it was a little too short, but after a week, it grew fully into the beautiful, vibrant, creation it was meant to be (if I do say so myself).  Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and gone back to Raquel for all my haircuts.  Similarly, my last haircut took about a week or two of getting used to but now looks great.  Because Raquel is the shit.

my hair, post-Raquel:

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