Dinner at Bin 38

We ventured into the Marina to have dinner at Bin 38 over Memorial Day weekend using our $25 for $50 LivingSocial coupon.

We started off with the Hawaiian Tuna Crudo and the Spring Peas Soup.  The crudo was delicately flavored with cucumber, rosemary, pine nut, daikon, and avocado puree but slightly disappointing because there was so little of it.  I’m a greedy eater, and four tiny dollops of raw fish and spices simply isn’t enough, especially when I’m sharing with another person.

Hawaiian Tuna Crudo

The Boyfriend’s Spring Pea Soup was fancy as well and a little more substantive than the crudo.  It was a well-executed variation of a basic split pea soup in which you could taste the kumquat and lemon oil, and its most distinctive feature was the two pieces of carrot marshmallow sprinkled on top (though I can’t say they added much to the taste).

Spring Pea Soup

I loved my Niman Ranch Lamb Trio.  Each of the meat elements (loin, merguez, bacon) was juicy, lamb-y, and distinct from the others.  If you like lamb, this entree will make you very happy.  I am not a fan of sausage and expected the merguez to be too greasy, bland, or chewy, as I find most sausages.  However, the rich, smoky merguez was none of these things, and I ended up liking it a lot.  The bacon created a surprising but pleasant cognitive dissonance by looking like bacon but tasting and smelling like lamb, and the loin was tender, juicy, and pretty much everything one could ask for in a loin cut.  I just wish there’d been more of it.  All three meats were so delicious that I barely paid attention to the artichokes and fingerling potatoes, which were unmemorably decent.

The Boyfriend’s BIN Burger was delicious as well, probably one of the best burgers I’ve ever had and better, in my opinion, than Don Pisto’s Hamburguesa, which everyone on Yelp seems to be crazy about.  The patty was rich and flavorful without being overpowering, as some patties are, and cooked perfectly to a uniform, medium well consistency.

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2 Responses to Dinner at Bin 38

  1. Tim Wong says:

    The question is: Supposing that you weren’t getting everything half off, would you return? Regularly?

  2. awesomebitch says:

    Well, it’s more like 25% off, but the answer is no. That said, I don’t return to most places regardless of discount. I go back to a place only because a) some friend really wants me to go there for a good reason or b) I can’t stop thinking about their food.

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