Dinner at Cinecitta

We had dinner last Wednesday at Cinecitta, a little Italian restaurant in North Beach famous for its pizzas.  We’d been there several times before but not within the past year, so we decided to pay them another visit along with our $8 for $20 Facebook coupon.

We ordered the O Sole Mio, a thin crust pizza decorated with anchovies, onions, capers, tomato sauce, and freshly melted mozzarella.  It was supposed to come with black olives, but the Boyfriend isn’t a fan, so we did without.  As expected, the pizza was delicious.

O Sole Mio pizza

I had fond memories of their arugula salad (a.k.a. Di Pera) from a year ago, but the one I ordered last week didn’t quite hit the mark.  The walnuts, pears, and sun-dried tomatoes were ok, but there was too little goat cheese (the best part of the salad, in my opinion) and way too much balsamic vinaigrette, which made the entire salad so sour that I was forced to consume it in small quantities with long breaks in between.  Because it was too sour to finish in one sitting, I saved some for the next day, at which point I discovered that it had gotten even more sour and almost inedible (but being the frugal person that I am, I ate it anyway).

Conclusion: stick to the pizzas and avoid any salad that involves vinaigrette.

Di Pera (arugula salad)

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