Dinner at Le Zinc

We went to Le Zinc last Saturday with the intention of sampling their Dine About Town menu but discovered, after we sat down, that they had made an unprecedented change (the Civet de Lapin that we had looked forward to had been substituted by Coq au Vin), so we ordered from the regular menu instead.  We felt a little shafted by the last-minute change but couldn’t complain as we had been forewarned by the Dine About Town website.

We started our dinner with a Flirtini (champagne, Asian vodka, orange juice, and Grenadine) and a Kir a la Peche.  I liked the latter more because it had a distinct, peachy flavor; the Flirtini was good but lacked the same gusto-olfactory punch.

Flirtini and Kir a la Peche

For appetizers, we had the Escargot and Ravioles aux Fevettes.  As much as we love escargot, we weren’t very impressed by this particular dish because the meat was rubbery, probably from sitting in the freezer for too long.  The potato canapes and porcini were decent, but what really held the whole thing together was the garlic butter, which left a pleasant aftertaste.

The Ravioles were surprisingly tasty (surprising for me because I don’t usually like ravioli) and turned out to be the Boyfriend’s favorite dish.  The fava bean puree combined well with the parmesan, tomatoes, olive oil, and whatever else they sprinkled, and yielded an even better aftertaste than the escargot.


Escargot                                                         Ravioles aux Fevettes

For his entree, the Boyfriend had the Bavette a L’Echalote, a bavette steak with white wine and shallot sauce and fries.  The sauce was great, but the fries were slightly lacking in flavor.  The Boyfriend thought that the steak was too tough in the thinner parts but tender enough to his liking in the thicker parts.

I had the Duo D’Agneau, a lamb rack and tenderloin dish that included a slab of delicious celeriac puree (which I’d never had before), a soft-boiled broccoli, the all-powerful garlic butter, and some veggies de provence consisting primary of onions.  The tenderloin was decent, but the rack was amazing.  I could have done without the tenderloin but with five times the amount of rack.

For dessert, we had Profiteroles au Chocolate and Crepes Suzette.  The profiteroles were perfect–fresh with vanilla ice cream that mixed well with the chocolate sauce.  The crepes, which contained orange cream and Grand Marnier sauce, were decent but a little too heavy for this stage of our meal.  The Boyfriend ended up finishing it off for breakfast the next day.

Overall, Le Zinc is an awesome place.  If we ever come back, I plan on trying their Boeuf Bourguinon and the Civet de Lapin.


Profiteroles au Chocolat                               Crepes Suzette

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6 Responses to Dinner at Le Zinc

  1. Carrie says:

    My husband (then-boyfriend) used to go to Le Zinc for brunch all the time when he lived in the City. Um, mimosa refills?? YES!!! Delish.

    • awesomebitch says:

      If they still do bottomless mimosas I will consider dragging my ass out of bed prior to 1pm on a weekend.

      • Carrie says:

        It’s been a couple years since I went to Le Zinc for brunch, so I don’t know for sure whether they still do Mimosa refills. But I’m sure the brunch food is still great! “Chow” in the Castro is another fantastic brunch spot. Omg, now I have a hankering for poached eggs and breakfast potatoes . . .

  2. gidgets says:

    The crepes suzette looks like a penis.

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