Full Moon Poem

The Boyfriend was walking around naked last week, per usual, but for some reason wouldn’t let me grab his ass.  So I wrote a shitty poem about it.

Full Moon Poem

There was a full moon the other night
With whom I wanted to play.
There was a full moon the other night
Who saw me–and ran away.

Because he would not play with me
He ran off into the dark.
I chased him through the hilly streets
And round and round the park.

All around the town I chased
That full moon, pale and bright.
I called for him to stop and wait
And not to leave my sight.

The faster I chased the faster he raced
Laughing high and loud.
With one final smirk on his face
He ducked behind a cloud.

I combed the clouds and searched the sky
For as long as I could.
But my moon had left me far behind
He was gone for good.

There was a full moon the other night
I’m sad he got away.
I don’t know where he went that night
But I hope he comes out today.

About awesomebitch

Intolerant, elitist, and awesome.
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2 Responses to Full Moon Poem

  1. jeannette says:

    i hope you slipped this into his pants as he went off to work.

  2. awesomebitch says:

    Naw, that would’ve been too cheeky.

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