Lunch at Cafe Tiramisu

I had a power lunch with DXL, an antitrust litigation associate, yesterday at Cafe Tiramisu, an Italian place in downtown San Francisco.  The restaurant was located in a busy alley, and their food was surprisingly good and surprisingly expensive.

Since the weather was actually sunny and above 60 degrees, we sat outside along with most of the other patrons.  I hadn’t intended to drink at all, but DXL wasn’t shy about his two glasses of sauvignon blanc, and since I didn’t want him to think I was a health nut or loser or anything, I accordingly ordered a glass of chardonnay.  Each glass cost $11-12, which I thought was overpriced, as I found nothing special about the wine.

I ordered the Rack of Lamb, which turned out to be delicious.  Even though the meat was cooked to medium well, it was tender.  The rack was flavorful and fragrant in exactly the way a good lamb rack should be.  It was so good, in fact, that I didn’t pay much attention to the sides.  (According to the menu, there were supposed to be garlic chips, herbs, and black truffle; there may have been, but I have no recollection.)  That said, I liked that the mashed potato accompanying the rack seemed lighter than most of the mashed potatoes I’ve had.

DXL ordered the pork chops (I don’t see it on their menu; it could possibly have been the Pork Medallion), which tasted great as well.  He finished his lunch with a cup of coffee.

As much as I enjoyed the food, I was surprised by the $102 bill.  Everything did add up, but I hadn’t expected to spend close to $50 on a lunch consisting of one entree and a glass of wine.

In conclusion: Cafe Tiramisu is a great place to eat, but don’t let the casual setting fool you into thinking it’s cheap.

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