Massage at Solar Planet

I used a $37 Facebook coupon for a $75 60-minute massage last week at Solar Planet.  My assessment:


1. The masseur was nice, funny, and thorough.  He did a good job of focusing on the areas I specified (upper back and right forearm) at the pressure I liked (hard).

2. The massage room was clean, simply decorated, and comfortable.


1. The masseur shook my hand when I first walked in, and his hand was warm and slimy.  I know this shouldn’t be a big deal, but I don’t like the idea of other people’s leftover massage oil smeared all over my hands.  Maybe I’m wrong and he’d actually washed and, for some reason, oiled his hands before meeting me.  Either way, it weirds me out.

2. We started the massage about 15 minutes after the appointed time, which was ok with me as a) I’m not a busy person and b) the masseur gave me my full hour.  However, about 5 minutes before the end of my massage, the receptionist knocked on the door to announce that a walk-in had shown up and was waiting her turn.  This was not ultimately a big deal, but it did bespeak a slight lack of administrative coordination.

3. Solar Planet is slightly out of the way for me.  In the best scenario, it takes me 1 bus and half an hour to get there from my apartment.  Through no one’s fault but my own, I took the wrong bus, ended up in an entirely different part of town, and had to take a $13 cab to get there on time.

Conclusion: Solar Planet is a decent place to get a massage, but I won’t go back as I can probably find comparable service at comparable prices closer to where I live.

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