My Parents may Actually be Getting Old

I spoke with my parents yesterday on the phone.  My dad is still all about his post-prandial walks, hooligan fishing, and hemorrhoids.  Literally nothing else occupies his life outside of work.  This must mean that intramural soccer season is over.

My mom recently spent a week volunteering at a Chinese language summer camp for elementary school students.  The camp was two weeks long, but she agreed to volunteer only for one week because she is too lazy to get up in the morning for more than five consecutive days.

The highlight of my parents’ week was discovering a bird nest in a flower pot my mom had hung over the front porch.  Here’s what it looks like:

Meanwhile, the Boyfriend’s parents are remodeling their kitchen.  In the past week, they’ve bought a $3000 fridge and picked out cabinets from Costco, and they’re currently negotiating contracts with construction/remodeling companies like the seasoned Jews they are.  The Boyfriend’s mother takes not one but two walks a day, and she and the Boyfriend’s dad are older than my parents.

So much for the tireless Chinese work ethic.

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2 Responses to My Parents may Actually be Getting Old

  1. Lauren H says:

    My dad literally does nothing. Some people just run out of steam I suppose.

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