Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 Aftermath

It has been a day and a half since I left Electric Daisy Carnival, and I’m still completely worn out.  Not exactly sure why, as I usually recover after a good night’s sleep.  Here’s a text exchange I had today with MC, a girl I met at EDC, that sums up our physical condition.  MC went to EDC last night as well, which means that she attended EDC three nights in a row, which makes her one and a half times more hardcore than I am.

me: How was EDC last night?

MC: Oh it was good!  I didn’t roll but had a great time! I miss the people I’ve met :(. How was the flight back [to San Francisco]?

me: Mercifully short.  I slept the entire hour and a half.  Glad you had a great time!

MC: Are you feeling like a zombie still?

me: Oh yes.

MC: So yesterday remember I was feeling completely miserable?  Omg like words cannot describe the feelings.  Well!!  I didn’t sleep at all again and I took another shower feeling more shittty.  But I drowned a can of Red Bull and popped a molly that disappeared after 2 minutes of rolling.  I think its official, all those happy good feelings got drained hahah and theenn I drank Powerade while at EDC and I think it helped because I came back, slept for a bit and I feel pretttyy awesome right now.  Like I’m not a zombie but feel functional but just a tad bit tired.  Maybe 10 hours later I’ll be feeling shitty again lol!  But drink Gatorade!!

me: Wow you are a trooper.  Definitely get a lot of rest when you can.  I’m still feeling groggy as hell.

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