Doctor’s Appointment at Care Practice

I went to Care Practice today for a physical exam and to get my festering lip checked out.  I’d been there once before to treat a urinary tract infection.  This time, I was seen by Dr. Uttama Sharma, who was nice, attractive, and efficient.  It turned out that I just had a massive canker sore and not the bacterial infection I suspected.  (Translation: yes, it was still an infection, but they couldn’t do anything about it.)  She gave me a small bottle of viscous lidocaine hydrochloride (2%), 10 milligrams of Norco, and a prescription for 30 grams of topical triamcinolone for the pain.  She also gave me fluocinonide cream for my eczema.

The visit cost me $243 pre-insurance.  I can’t say I’m pleased about the cost, but I guess there was no way around it.  Here’s the breakdown:

physical exam: $200
lidocaine: $10
Norco: $15
fluocinonide cream: $18

Total: $243

my massive canker sore

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