June 2011 Las Vegas Trip

Last Friday, O, O’s friend DC, and I drove from Orange County to Las Vegas.  It was a relatively enjoyable 6.5-hour drive, much of which I spent dozing and brooding about my lost ID.  We spent a good deal of time searching for my wallet in Huntington Beach (where I’d lost it) and making calls to friends and family figuring out ways to borrow someone’s ID, make a fake ID, or have a replacement ID mailed to Vegas.  None of these ideas came to fruition, but we were able to bribe our way into EDC sans ID when the time came.

We arrived in Vegas at 9 p.m. and headed straight to Green Valley Ranch Resort to have a few drinks with DC’s friends before picking up O’s other friends, NM and NK, from the airport.  Green Valley Ranch Resort was clean and put-together but more low-key and family-oriented than the strip.  O told me it’s frequented by locals/normal people who can’t afford to go to the strip all the time.  We hung out at one of the bars, where I had several appletinis while the guys played beer pong.  There was also a decent cover band that played Creed, Nirvana, and other stuff from the nineties and early oughts.

After picking up NM and NK from the airport, we headed to the Venetian, unpacked, and readied ourselves for EDC.  NK decided to stay at the casino that evening, play blackjack, and hit on girls by himself.  In the course of the night, he drank copiously, won $175,000 (and lost $80,000 the next day), and brought a cocktail waitress back to the room.  We speculated that nothing happened between them as NK was wasted when he got back to the room and still drunk when he woke up the following afternoon.  Plus, he’s a midget with a lazy eye.  I can understand how that could’ve put a damper on things.  But then again, who knows.  Some people are into that kind of thing.

I also spent about half an hour at Tao Beach (the pool at the Venetian) between waking up and preparing for EDC on Saturday.  Most of my daytime hours were spent sleeping, and it wasn’t until I left Vegas on Sunday that I realized I’d spent almost the entirety of the weekend in darkness.

I really wish I could’ve had more time to do regular Vegas activities, and I plan to do just that next time I visit.

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