Dinner From Sudachi Sushi

We ordered dinner from Sudachi Sushi last Thursday night via Grubhub.  The sushi itself was decent and unexpectedly plentiful, but we were not entirely pleased for several reasons:

1. the ordering process

We originally ordered from Ahn Sushi and Soju via Grubhub, but after we submitted our order online, we got a call from Ahn Sushi saying that their delivery service was closed for the night and that they had forgotten to update their hours on Grubhub.  We then had to find another sushi place (Sudachi Sushi) and redo the ordering process, which put us behind about half an hour.  To make up for the mistake, Grubhub gave us a $10 gift certificate.  None of this was Sudachi’s fault, but read on.

Sudachi’s online menu did not indicate how many pieces of sashimi were in their Chef’s Choice Sashimi, so we called to ask.  Due to the shitty reception, we had to call three times before they could answer our question.  Two of those three times the staff did not know the answer and passed us on to someone who supposedly did, which, combined with the shitty reception, further prolonged the process.

About 20 minutes after we placed our order from Sudachi, we got a call from them saying that they had run out of Oyster Shooters ($5.25 each), which we had ordered 2 of (for a total of $10.50).  We tried to cancel the order but was told that the credit card had already gone through, so we tried exchanging the Oyster Shooters for Saba Sashimi, which, according to the online menu, cost $10.25.  However, the guy on the phone told us that the Saba Sashimi actually cost $10.95 and would not process the exchange.  We argued for a little bit before he relented and sucked up the difference.  This was frustrating.  We’re all about fair exchange, but they really would do well to make their menus consistent with each other.

2. time spent waiting for delivery

Sudachi Sushi told us to expect our order by 12:30 a.m.  We received our food a few minutes shy of 1 a.m.  I know the lack of Oyster Shooters contributed to the delay, but half an hour is still half an hour.

3. mistake in our order

We discovered, when we received our food, that they had given us Salmon Sashimi instead of the Saba Sashimi that we’d so painstakingly requested.  The Boyfriend hates salmon sashimi.  Way to go.

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