Law Preview Day 2: Contracts and Academic Success

I had a Milton professor who once said, “God [in Paradise Lost] sounds the way the Incredible Hulk walks.”  You can definitely say the same about legal language, where precision, ironically, requires plodding redundancy.

Today in Law Preview we covered two subjects: contracts and academic success in law school.  Perhaps it’s a function of the professors we had, but contracts seem more digestible than torts, at least on the pre-law school level.  Academic success in law school, according to Don Mccaulay (founder of Law Preview), requires 12 hours of work per day on weekdays and 6 hours of work per day on weekends.  He gave us an entire PowerPoint presentation to prove it as well as a study schedule for the upcoming semester.

I also ventured out of my antisocial bubble today and had lunch with the two other students in my Law Preview class who will be going to my law school.  They are both several years younger than I am because they a) graduated college on time and b) didn’t take much, if any, time off between college and law school.  One lives with his girlfriend in Berkeley, and the other lives with his parents in San Francisco.

There is also an obese, smelly, bearded guy in my Law Preview class.  I can literally smell him from 10 feet away.  He is repulsive in every physical aspect one can imagine.  When he talks, his beard gets in the way of his enunciation, and his words come out all slurred.  He needs to clean up his act if he ever wants to be a lawyer.  Or find a study group.

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