Law Preview Day 5: Civil Procedure and Exam Taking Skills

We started day 5 of Law Preview with more civil procedure, which I think will be my least favorite class this upcoming academic year.  The word “Constitution” bores the shit out of me, and I retained almost nothing from our professor’s four-hour lecture on federalism.  I did learn, though, that the professor’s daughter goes/went to the same Catholic high school in the Los Angeles area as one of Kelsey Grammer‘s daughters and, accordingly, wants to be a movie star when she grows up.  Those were my aspirations as well until I realized that Hollywood isn’t very partial to short Asian girls with no acting experience.

We also spent four hours going over how to craft exam responses in detail.  Based on the one sample question we studied, the material (a tort exam question about a relatively simplistic medical malpractice case) wasn’t that difficult to understand, but the speed at which we’ll be expected to regurgitate and apply the laws and the sheer quantity we are supposed to write are staggering.  The professor provided an “ideal” response to the sample question, and it was seven single-spaced pages long.  He told us that such perfect responses are aspirational and not realistic, and that we should expect to write imperfect, clumsily crafted responses in real life given our time constraint.

Once again, I am pooped.

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