Law School Advice from my Law School’s Director of Career Planning

I met with my law school’s director of career planning yesterday, and he gave me some resources for learning more about legal career options.  Here they are:

1. law school alumni associations–some alumni associations have mentorship programs that facilitate communication between current students and alumni.  If said mentorship program does not exist at your school, it’s probably most useful to contact the head of the alumni association for information.

2. The Martindale Directory–an extensive directory of law firms and lawyers in the US.  Lawyers can be found via name, firm, location, and/or alma mater.

3. state bar member directories–another way to locate and get in touch with lawyers.

4. LinkedIn group–joining your school’s LinkedIn group is a way to find alumni and keep abreast of job openings offered by your school.

5. Nutshell Series–a series of books designed to give overviews of each class you take in law school; particularly useful during first year of law school.

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